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Best Sad Quotes
Sad Quotes

“I Don’t Need Drugs, My Life Is Killing Me Daily Slowly.”

“Never Judge People By Their #Past.”

“Everybody Has A #Chapter, But
They Don’t Read Out #Loud.”

“Find Someone Special Who Changed Your Life. “

“Biggest Slap To Your #Enemies Is Your #Success.”

“Follow Your #Heart, But Take Your #Brain With You.”

“Always Say Yes To New #Adventures.”

“Make The #Rest Of Your Life Is The #Best Of Your #Life.”

“Be Your Won #Light”

“Never Give Up, On Your #Dreams.”

Motivational Quotes
Motivational Quotes

“You Have To Learn The Rules Of Game, Then You Have To Play Better Then Anyone Else.”

“Don’t Talk About It, Be About It.”

“The Past Can’t Be #Changed, The #Future Is Yet In Your Power.”

“People Comes & Go, But The #Rest-Will-Stay.”

“Family Is Not An #Important-Thing, Its #Every-Thing.”

“Life Is Either #Daring-Adventure, Or Nothing At All.”

“It’s Doesn’t Matter Where You #Come-From, All That Matter Is Where you #Going.”

“Dream Big, & Stay #Focused. Light Up The #Darkness”

Best Life Quotes Image
Life Quotes

“Surround Yourself With People, Who Make You Better. “

“Your #Journey-Is -Unique, Enjoy Every Second Of It.”

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